Leadership best practice

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    02. - 03. 05. 2017
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Leadership best practice


Do you want to continue developing your management skills, would you like to meet and mix with other managers to discuss issues and challenges and would you like to take a fresh look at your leadership style?

This two-day course will refresh your ideas and skills and develop credible leadership and motivational qualities enabling you to energize yourself, enhancing your personal development and your team leadership effectiveness.


Business specialists, middle and top management members

Obsah seminára

The Changing Role of a Manager/Team Leader
• ‘command and control’ versus ‘support and coach’
• old culture: who’s resisting the changes?
• new culture: who's driving the changes?
• balancing the ‘soft’ and the ‘hard’ skills
• from Management to Leadership

Situational Leadership Style
• style flexibility, when to ‘push’ when how to ‘pull’
• how to adapt our leadership style to different contexts, individuals and teams
• leadership best practice techniques

Performing Under Pressure
• how pressure affects management style
• what the research shows and relating to practice
• recognizing the early signs of burnout
• helping people to insulate themselves against stress

The Challenges of Change
• about strategic thinking and planning
• people resist change – how to overcome such resistance
• predictable reactions and the manager’s responsibility
• Approaches to change
• Leading Change not Managing Change

Employee Engagement: Getting the Best out of People
• motivation strategies which really work
• stretching and stimulating the willing workers
• managing the difficult ones!

Delegation and Empowerment
• using delegation to stretch and develop people
• different approaches for different types
• coaching skills for results

Managing Time Effectively and Productivity
• time management principles and time saving devices
• Improving performance and productivity
• reducing time stealers and Low Value Adding Tasks
• increasing the time spent on High Value Adding Tasks

Self Leadership and Motivation
• how to sustain my own positivity and energy
• what do the ‘followers’ expect from their leader?
• characteristics of an effective leader
• Setting Goals and Achieving Them


PAUL GAUCI B.A. (Hons); M.Ed.(Trg & Dvpt) Sheffield; Chartered MCIPD; MIM

Trainer Profile

A regular Presenter at EFMA (European Financial Management Association)
Conferences in the area of Human Resources; Leadership and Sales Management.

Paul Gauci is a Chartered training practitioner and lecturer in management education and development with over 25 years experience delivering training to various organisations at an international level. He has been the recipient of the ‘Training Leadership’ Award at the World HRD Congress 2013 held in Mumbai.

Paul Gauci has led Bank of Valletta’s Training Centre for 15 years and during 2000-2006, he also served concurrently as Chairman of the Mediterranean Training & Development Committee of the Mediterranean Bank Network (MBN) and conducted training activities in all Mediterranean countries.

Paul Gauci has been a speaker at conferences and training events in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia and has served as member of the European Savings Bank Group (ESBG) - Technical Assistance Providers Network (TAPN) and delivered training sessions on World Savings Bank Institute (WSBI) seminars.

Since 1994, he has lectured at the University of Malta where he is Visiting Senior Lecturer in ‘Organisational Behaviour’’ on the Executive MBA programmes, at Maastricht School of Management on the MBA Programme in the Netherlands and outreach countries. Additionally, he is an accredited Tutor on the Henley - University of Reading (UK) MBA degree programme. He also lectures on the Institute of Leadership and Management (UK) Diploma Programme.

Paul Gauci is well experienced delivering training or presentations in various sectors particularly the services industry, facilitating training courses in ‘customer relations & sales’; ‘leadership skills’; ‘team synergy’ and ‘train the trainer’. He is also a Belbin Team-Role Accredited Trainer (UK).

Following a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, he specialised in human resources development through a Masters degree, being awarded a distinction in the M.Ed (Training and Development) course from the University of Sheffield, England in 1992.

Dĺžka trvania

2 days

Aktuálne termíny

02. - 03. 05. 2017 (Pozvánka)


Mgr. Emília Farkašová
 0917 667 143


prezentácia: 8:00 – 8:15
výučba: 8:15 – 16:00 (obed 12:00-13:00)


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352 € s DPH

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