Managing Reputational Risk of Financial Institutions with the Media & Other Stakeholders

Managing Reputational Risk of Financial Institutions with the Media & Other Stakeholders



The reputation of Financial Institutions world-wide has suffered tremendously since 2007 and improvement is not in sight. At the same time, reputational risk is the most underestimated risk by senior executives across FIs. Warren Buffet correctly pointed out: "If you lose my money, I will understand. If you lose my reputation, I will be ruthless".


This all-dayinteractive workshopwill sensitize C-executives, risk managers communications-and marketing professionals about what steps need to be taken to identify reputational risk within the organization and how to best manage it in times of stress and crisis.


Participants will get an overview about how stakeholders, in particular the media, need to be actively included into the reputational risk process and how they can be used to the benefit of your institution.

Those who "walk the talk" and are serious about managing reputational risk will not only survive but will be able to differentiate successfully from the competition at times when more consolidation in the financial institutions landscape is on the agenda.


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Participants will learn about:

  • How reputation fits into the overall world of Enterprise Risk
  • Expectations of your stakeholders and in particular the media
  • How the media can impact the reputation of your institution
  • How your Business strategy can impact reputation
  • Ownership of Reputational Risk within the organization
  • Managing the Inside-Out Perspective (Perception of Your Business Strategy on Stakeholder's Behaviour)
  • Incorporating the all important Outside-In Perspective (How Stakeholders Perceive Your Strategy)
  • Developing a Gap Analysis between both and Building a Sustainable Reputational Risk Management Programme
  • The Art of How Communications with Your Stakeholders througj the Media/Social Media will create a competitive advantage for your institution (incl. Case studies)
  • How you as a Staff Member can make a difference in communicating in and to the public


David Frohriep, Media Training & Advisory, today David works as an independent consultant/coach advising corporates and public sector entities across Europe about strategic communication and media training issues. His clients include the European Commission, the European Investment Bank, NYSE Euronext, AXA and others. In addition, David has been lobbying with European institutions to set up a European rating agency.


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