Banking and Financial English

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    08. - 09. 11. 2016
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Banking and Financial English


The aim of this short intensive seminar is to help each participant to carry out their work better in the financial sector using clear, simple, accurate, up to date, and authentic English. The training approach is highly practical, using a wide range of texts, videos etc. If time permits, case-studies and role-plays can be included to ensure maximum participation from every delegate.


As well as introducing and building confidence in the use of highly technical financial terminology, the training focuses on overall accuracy and fluency.


  • Bank & financial institution executives and finance/business managers from corporate entities who wish to update their working knowledge of English.
  • Senior managers, general managers and heads of department who have an increasingly international role.
  • Treasury, dealing room, corporate lending and marketing staff who need to be completely up-to-date with financial terminology and 100% accurate in stating/understanding facts and figures.
  • Economists, researchers and analysts needing to scan the financial press as well as acquire verbal information quickly and accurately.
  • Fund managers, financial lawyers, accountants, auditors and any other bank/financial staff who are increasingly required to use fluent English in their job.
  • At a very minimum, delegates should have an English ability at a good intermediate stage to benefit from this programme.

Obsah seminára

  • Numbers, trends, market movements, statistics
  • Corporate Governance
  • Finance for business, sources and uses of funds
  • Financial statements, structure and analysis
  • Equities and the Stock Exchange
  • The long term debt market - Bonds
  • Commercial banking structures, services, operations, risks
  • International loan agreements
  • Insolvency
  • Hedging Financial Risk
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Venture Capital
  • Central banks and national Economy


Richard Veal-

He has over 16 years of English teaching experience, the majority of which have been in the British Council. During this time he has specialized in teaching Cambridge exams  and specialized courses ( legal, finance, business, medical etc). He is also the Team Leader for Cambridge exams in Slovakia.

Previous to teaching he was involved in exotic animal management. 

Adam Dawson-

He is working as a freelance teacher in Bratislava. He has taught for various companies on a private basis, as well as working for language schools. He is currently working at the British Council and the National Bank of Slovakia. I also recorded listening exercises for a children’s English book to be used in Slovak schools. He teaches all levels, Business English, General English and preparation for exams.

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08. - 09. 11. 2016 (Pozvánka)


Mgr. Emília Farkašová
 0917 667 143


8.-9. novembra od 9,00 h – 16,00 h

Obed: 12,00-13,00                                                                                                                                                   


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