Customer Care and Selling & Negotiation Skills

Customer Care and Selling & Negotiation Skills


Aims and objectives

(i) Equipping participants with the skills/techniques required in providingquality customer service

(ii) Enhancing their knowledge and communication skills for the provision of bettercustomer care; and

(iii) Helping them develop the right mindset andpositive attitudetowards their customers

(iv) Develop and enhancenegotiation techniquesthrough  adopting proven models and effective techniquesleading to results

(v) Attain sales objectives in anassertive (win-win), customer-needs based selling approachthrough sound inter-personal communication skills



The 2 dayprogramme utilises input sessions focusing onbest practiceissues relating to customer care, selling and negotiation skills.

At the same time, each individual will be encouraged to contribute fully to discussions, self analysis participative exercises, role plays and other experiential learning activities to derive maximum benefit.


Obsah seminára

  • Course Opening&Objectives
  • Service Key Requisites
  • Customer Care
  • Image
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Verbal/Non Verbal/Listening
  • Meeting Customer`s Needs
  • Customer Retention
  • Handling Objections
  • Quality service
  • Attaining Sales Goals through Motivation
  • The Profile of a Sales Person
  • Customer Focused selling Techniques
  • The Selling Process
  • Sales Sandvich Model
  • SPIN Model
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Reactive/Proactive Selling
  • Cross Selling&Up Selling
  • Modern Collaborative Negotiation
  • Negotiating Assertively
  • DVD & Discussion: „Negotiation: In at the Sharp End“
  • Course Evaluation

Seminár má interaktívny charakter, je prakticky orientovaný, jednotlivé lekcie dopĺňa riadená diskusia a konkrétne ukážky


Paul Gauci B.A,he is a Chartered training practitioner and lecturer in management education and development with 25 years experience at an international level. Since 1994 he has lectured at the University of Malta.


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